Utilizing Data to Shape Teams with Key Talent

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We know how to find the right people

We work with founders to craft a talent strategy that assesses existing strengths, identifies talent needs, and fills those gaps with transformative individuals. Key talent brings industry and customer knowledge, a team willing to follow them, and investor attention.

Our Approach

Competencies analysis & Organizational design | talent ACQUISITION

Our first priority is to understand your company’s existing team. How do you fit together and what are your core competencies? Are there overlap in skills and where are gaps emerging? Next, we utilize data to help you understand how similar companies built their talent base at your stage of growth. Our comprehensive research and analysis combine to identify the skills you need for success and informs your talent strategy.

Our process for acquiring talent is to build a unique dataset of potential candidates fully accessible by your team. These profiles are sourced from (1) our own proprietary database, (2) human-aided AI, (3) LinkedIn/social, (4) industry websites, and (5) our personal professional networks. We vet the target market bringing the top candidates forward. Throughout the interview process we continuously iterate to hone in on the perfect person. Finally, we guide the closing process, including salary negotiations, aligning candidate and employer. With a one-year guarantee on each placed candidate, we maintain a vested interest in the success of our clients.

Industry Focus

Position specializes in building teams in the fintech and foodtech ecosystems.


Blockchain and crypto technologies continue to reinvent every aspect of the finance industry and now they are beginning to create the next version of the internet, often referred to as Web 3.0. Position continuously follows the constantly evolving narratives with crypto and fintech startups, protocol development, and government regulation giving us unique insights into where the industry is headed and how teams are forming to meet present day challenges.


From precision agriculture with drones to reimagined supply chains, the business of farming food has changed as much as the business of consuming food. New food brands are continuously being created as loyalty shifts with trends of new ingredients and new ways to consume. Position has strong ties within the foodtech landscape from the vantage point of investor, recruiter, and eater.

About the founder


In 2008, Trey Shelton founded Music Interactive, a rich media company focused on the emerging digital music business, and successfully exited it in 2014. That same year he bought his first Bitcoins, sowing the seed of a new passion for decentralized finance.

He switched careers in 2015 to executive recruiting becoming a Partner at Safire Partners, the most active executive recruitment firm in Southern California. Over the next three years, he placed 100+ execs at high growth startups.

In 2018, Trey founded Position, a talent acquisition and organizational design firm with a focus on building teams in the fintech and foodtech ecosystem.

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